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Company Facilities
  1. ELECTRONIC RESEARCH AND DESIGN FACILITY with computers, design and analysis software and other latest Electronics Digital Instruments. Computer Aided Design facility for various digital and analog electronic circuits with features for Simulation, Analysis and Reporting. Computer based PCB Design software for design of Electronic Circuit Board Design.
  2. MECHANICAL RESEARCH AND DESIGN FACILITY with 3D design software with analysis. Full fledged and updated library of various mechanical components and systems.
  3. SOFTWARE DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT FACILITY with latest advanced software for design, development and programming for Instrumentation and Electronics, Computer Interfacing, Embedded Programming, PLC, SCADA, HMI, Automation etc.
  4. ELECTRONIC PRODUCTION FACILITY with state of the Digital Instruments for interface Quality Controls, Raw materials employed are type-approved components from LCSO, DOT, Defense and other Government Test and Approved Department .All necessary equipment/Tools required for Electronic Production are available. Eg. Coil Winding Machines, Multimeter, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Soldering Stations, PCB Fabrication System, Illuminated Magnifiers, Insulation Tester, LCR Meters, Milliammeters, Microammeters etc.
  5. MECHANICAL PRODUCTION FACILITY with state of the art CNC machines for turning, milling, conventional machines, welding machine, gas brazing, grinding, shaping. Heavy fabrication facility to handle I-section beams and girders, sheet metal fabrication etc.
  6. QUALITY CONTROL AND CALIBRATION FACILITY with Facility for Quality Control and calibration of Speed, Load, Force, Thrust, Pressure, Strain, Displacement, Elongation, Vibration, Sound Flow, Acceleration etc, with other standard instrument for calibrating Electronic parameters, Electronic Dynamometer etc.
  7. MECHANICAL QUALITY CONTROL Various test and measuring Instruments like Verniers, Micrometers, Dial Gauges, and Height Gauges Thread Gauges, Electron Micron - limit etc. for Quality Control and Maintenance of Accuracy.
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