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Company Synopsis
We the team at IEICOS has been dedicated to excel in Measurement, Analysis and Control of various physical parameters and perform to meet the needs of Industry, Defense, R&D Laboratories, Technical Education Institutions, Agriculture or any other place wherever the need exists.

The company started in 1973 has come a long way gaining experience and knowledge to become one of the leading Instrumentation people in India. We, at Industrial Engineering Instruments, for the last 37+ years since its inception have had a vision,

"Vision to bring technologies to practicality in India in the field of Electronics and Instrumentation"

Industrial Engineering Instruments is situated in India's Silicon Valley and Electronic City - Bangalore, a hi-technology center with moderate climate throughout the year in the southern peninsula of India. Located in Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore; one of Asia and India’s largest industrial area, at 203, 12th Main, III Phase, Peenya Industrial Area, BANGALORE – 560 058, we cater to customers both in India and abroad.

The Company started off in a small facility on one-acre land in Peenya. Started in a small way, the company has grown to have a large built up area of 11,100 sq, ft. and later expanded its wings to have separate division for Electronics Production, Mechanical Production, Inspection and Testing Wing, Design and Development Group, Sales Division, Administration etc. The company still exists in the same location till date.

R. Parameswaraiah (in 1973), a former Scientist at National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), Bangalore. Through this industry, he realized his dreams of producing import substitute products with high quality and reliability at low affordable cost. His vision of improving engineering and technical education in India and bringing it to the par of technologically developed countries through manufacture of indigenous laboratory equipment has been very successful.

Having worked for NAL at various divisions for almost 14 years on projects in-house and for various external institutions during his tenure, he discovered the existence of a niche market for measurement and control in Industry, Defense and R&D Laboratories.

His involvement in development of transducers for measurement brought out his expertise and talent in this field. To his credit he has two patents and has published more than a dozen original technical papers in international and national journals in design and development of transducers and related instrumentation. Today, due to his hard work and guidance the company is one of the leading industries in the field of Measurement and Instrumentation.

  1. ELECTRONIC RESEARCH AND DESIGN FACILITY with computers, design and analysis software and other latest Electronics Digital Instruments. Computer Aided Design facility for various digital and analog electronic circuits with features for Simulation, Analysis and Reporting. Computer based PCB Design software for design of Electronic Circuit Board Design.
  2. MECHANICAL RESEARCH AND DESIGN FACILITY with 3D design software with analysis. Full fledged and updated library of various mechanical components and systems.
  3. SOFTWARE DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT FACILITY with latest advanced software for design, development and programming for Instrumentation and Electronics, Computer Interfacing, Embedded Programming, PLC, SCADA, HMI, Automation etc.
  4. ELECTRONIC PRODUCTION FACILITY with state of the Digital Instruments for interface Quality Controls, Raw materials employed are type-approved components from LCSO, DOT, Defense and other Government Test and Approved Department .All necessary equipment/Tools required for Electronic Production are available. Eg. Coil Winding Machines, Multimeter, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Soldering Stations, PCB Fabrication System, Illuminated Magnifiers, Insulation Tester, LCR Meters, Milliammeters, Microammeters etc.
  5. MECHANICAL PRODUCTION FACILITY with state of the art CNC machines for turning, milling, conventional machines, welding machine, gas brazing, grinding, shaping. Heavy fabrication facility to handle I-section beams and girders, sheet metal fabrication etc.
  6. QUALITY CONTROL AND CALIBRATION FACILITY with Facility for Quality Control and calibration of Speed, Load, Force, Thrust, Pressure, Strain, Displacement, Elongation, Vibration, Sound Flow, Acceleration etc, with other standard instrument for calibrating Electronic parameters, Electronic Dynamometer etc.
  7. MECHANICAL QUALITY CONTROL Various test and measuring Instruments like Verniers, Micrometers, Dial Gauges, and Height Gauges Thread Gauges, Electron Micron – limit etc. for Quality Control and Maintenance of Accuracy.
At Industrial Engineering Instruments we started off with manufacture of various transducers and digital indicators for measurement of Strain, Torque, Pressure, Displacement, Temperature, Vibration and other Laboratory Equipments / Teaching Aids.

The Company's main activities are in the field of test and measurement instrumentation for measurement, analysis and control of Load, Force, Pressure, Torque, Displacement, Motion, Vibration, Sound, Vacuum, Strain, etc.

The company also manufactures various Test Rigs. Automatic Test Equipments for testing of Motors, Testing of Structure Components - Loading Frame, Leak Detection System for Face masks used in Chemical Environment, Underground Mining Test Equipment, Pressure Detectors for various Defense Systems, Laser Based Test Equipment for Dust HEPA Filter Testing, Laser Velocity Meters, Process Control Systems for Flow, Pressure, Level and Temperature, Cascade Control and Feed-forward Systems.

The transducers have been supplied and successfully commissioned at various institutions such as Civil Aviation Department (R&D), BARC, Department of Atomic Energy, Madras, Seismic Array Station, Karnataka, Ordinance Factory Kanpur, National Chemical Laboratory Pune, PVS Group of Industries, Bharat Dynamics Ltd, Hyderabad. BHEL Trichy, ONGC, Central workshop Baroda, Fertilizer Corp. of India, Sindhri, CSFR Madras etc, to mention a few and a large number of Engineering and Technical Educational Institutions all over India.

Recently, 20 Precision High Capacity Ring Type Load Cells of various capacities ranging from 5 Tons to 50 Tons with Digital Microprocessor Based Load Indicators with high accuracy and resolution, low hysteresis and high repeatability were installed and commissioned at Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam.

In these years of operation IEICOS have created a market for itself in the development of custom-built high technology systems for testing various components and products. IEICOS took up various projects built as per customer’s specification and here started the building of a foundation of an R&D base of the Company. We felt the need for application engineering in India and hence diversified into various fields.

In these years of operation IEICOS have created a market for itself in the development of custom-built high technology systems for testing various components and products. IEICOS took up various projects built as per customer’s specification and here started the building of a foundation of an R&D base of the Company. We felt the need for application engineering in India and hence diversified into various fields.

Custom built projects successfully completed by IEICOS are many. A few of these Research and Development projects are mentioned below :
  • Multi-channel Measuring Bridge. 100 Channels with Digital Printer Facility for R&D Department. Civil Aviation Technical  Center in 1976.
  • Exterior Expansion Measuring System for Ordinance Factory, Kanpur in 1979.
  • Piezo Electric Transducer and Pre-amplifier for IFT, Madras in 1979.
  • Differential Pressure Transducers for National Chemical Laboratory, Pune in 1978.
  • Compression Load Cell for application in Road Transport in 1979 for Central Institute of Road Transport, Poona.
  • 100Kgm Torque Transducer /Dynamometer Systems for R& D Department, BHEL. Hyderabad.
  • Engine Analyzer and Diesel Timing RPM Tester for progressive Marketing Co. Calcutta in 1980.
  • Torque Transducers for various applications in industries and R&D institutions in 1978 onwards.
Later, in 1978, IEICOS went in to Design and Development of an Electronic Digital Dynamometer system for testing of Motors. Developed as a product for market to various motor manufactures and motor testing centers, IEICOS supplied these system to BHEL Hyderabad, Ingersoll Rand, Motor Manufacturing Industries etc, A breakthrough was achieved when National Test House, India ‘s Certifying Agency purchased the equipment from us. Later this product was improved with time and Technology.

Now these products have been exported and have been procured by PSG Coimbatore, Kirloskar Electric Company. Various post Graduate centers, EME Secunderabad, TVS Companies, Whirlpool washing machines, CCS Agriculture University etc, Today IEICOS has a latest computerized version of the Electronic Digital Dynamometer System and are supplying these equipments wherever the need is. This system was later upgraded for testing of Engines, Pumps, Turbines etc,

Continuing on further research and development, the following products were developed :
  1. Tool Dynamometers
    Another product "Machine Tool Dynamometer" for measurement of force in various machines such as Lathe, Milling. Grinding and Drilling were developed.

    These products were specially designed for use in various workshops and shop floors, and hence were designed for ruggedness and problem free usage. These products found a market for themselves in various Machine Tool Research Institutes as well as in Industrial production /Mechanical Engineering Laboratories all over India.

    The speciality of these transducers is that they are machined out in a single material with a special proprietary design to keep the cross-sensitivity effects very low. Made out of stainless steel block, they had strain gauges bonded on the measuring points for measurement and resolution of forces.

    IEICOS has a niche market unto themselves in the field of Tool Dynamometers and have supplied all over India with exports to USA and other countries.
  2. Loading Frame
    Loading Frame is a test rig useful for testing structural elements in both industrial and R&D/Technical Education applications, which is import substitution. This self-straining Loading Frame has been designed to cover a wide range of experiments on various structural elements like beams, columns, slabs, portal frames and other structures which can be tested within the space and rated capacity of the Loading Frame. Available in ranges of 10, 20, 50, 100 tons, the Frame is fabricated form standard rolled sections for assured strength. The skeleton of basic frame is designed as self-straining where no load is transferred to the ground except self weight of the frame.

    The Frame is designed for vertical load of up to the standard range with safe overload protection, horizontal load of upto a fifth of the vertical load safe load. Vertical load is generally used for testing of major structural elements like beams and columns. The horizontal load is used for stimulating wind load on portal frames, trusses etc.

    We advocated purchase of total systems to our customers to provided best service to them, we hence manufacture and supply all accessories required for above such as :
    • Loading arrangement
      • Manually operated Hydraulic jack
      • Electrically operated Hydraulic jack
    • Multi-channel Digital Automatic Data Loggers for Strain measurement, Strain Gauges, Tool kit etc.
    • IEICOS Load Cells and Digital Load Indicators.
    • IEICOS Displacement Transducers and Digital of Displacement Meters.
    • XY Recorders/ Digital printers.
    Loading frame with electronic data acquisition and accessories are installed at various institutions like BMS College of Engineering Bangalore, PES Engineering College Mandya, Malnad College of Engineering and BVB Engineering College Hubli, KLE’S Engineering College Belgam, RVRJC Engineering College Guntur, Kakatia Institute of Technology Warangal, Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan.
  3. Defense Sector
    Defense being one of the priority sectors, IEICOS developed various products indigenously and also as import substitutions. A few of them being :
    1. Development of a NBC Mask Leak Tester for Defense Bio-Engineering and Electro-Medical laboratory (DEBEL), Bangalore in 1992 and approval of Leak Tester prototype put IEICOS on the forefront of Defense indigenization. IEICOS Leak Testers are approved by DGQA (Army) and DQAN (Navy) New Delhi and have moved to production stage. Production of the above Leak Tester has started to provide for all Indian Defense Sectors. We have supplied Leak Tester during 2005-08 to :
      • Dept of Defence Production, New Delhi; Consignee - Ministry of Defense (C.O.D Mumbai)– 121  Sets.
      • Garden Reach Shipbuilders& Engineers Ltd, Kolkata - 3 Sets
      • Defense Bio-Engineering & Electro-medical Lab (DEBEL) - 20 Sets
      • CQAFE Aundh Camp Pune - 1 Set
      • ITBP, 6th Battalion, Panchakula - 1 Set
      • Special Protection Group - 2 Sets
      • Central Industrial Security Force - 8 Sets
      • Central Reserve Police Force - 1 Set
      • Defense Material Stores, Research & Development Estd, Kanpur - 2 Sets
      • Respiratory Face Mask Manufacturers for quality evaluation during production
        • M/s Vijay Sabre Safety Ltd - 10 Sets
        • M/s Joseph Leslie Dragger Mfg. Pvt. Ltd. - 5 Sets
        • M/s Univest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - 5 Sets
    2. IEICOS developed Pressure Detection Systems for Defense for Defense Fire Research Institute; New Delhi for use in Missile Barbette of a Navy Ship was another major step in Defense Sector.
    3. IEICOS developed Anti-G suit test rig for DEBEL for simulating ‘g’ forces experienced by aircraft pilots during extreme maneuvers.
    4. Turbine flow Meters, and High Temperature flow meters (Orifice type with D.P. Transmitter) was supplied for use in gas turbine project in Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), Bangalore. This provided IEICOS another valuable opportunity to prove their expertise in flow measurement sector.
    5. 20-channel microprocessor based data acquisition system for measuring stress/strain for evaluation of missile body stress and strain during ground based testing at Walchand Industries, Walchandnagar, Maharashtra through DMRL, Hyderabad.
    6. Automated PC Based Shock Attenuator Test Rig for Aircrew Helmet to do impact performance studies on MK-I, MK-II, Hawk and other helmets used in the defence sector. The equipment has been successfully setup at DEBEL Helmet Test Facilities, Bangalore.
    7. Automated PC Based Oxygen Mask Test Rig for testing pilot masks for LCA project. The fully automatic test rig is installed at DEBEL, Bangalore for testing of Mark-I, Mark-II, CFF and other oxygen masks.
  4. Modernization of Engineering/Technical Institution Laboratory Equipment
    IEICOS has brought out latest state-of-the-art laboratory equipment for use in engineering and technical educational laboratories. These laboratory equipment are modular and complete setup which helps to perform experiments and to understand the working and operation of the equipment.

    Some of the laboratories for which we have developed equipments are :
    • Measurement and Instrumentation Lab
    • Kinematics and Dynamics Lab
    • Process Control Lab
    • Control Lab
    • Structural Engineering Lab
    • Ergonomics Lab
    • Sound and Vibrations Lab
    • Earthquake Engineering Lab
    • Metrology Lab
    • Design Lab
    • Production Technology Lab
  5. Railways
    INDIAN Railways too wasn't left behind; IEICOS developed a calibration system for Oscillation Monitoring System (OMS) for the railways to use for acceleration monitoring in high-speed express trains. After type approval tests of the calibration system for OMS system by RDSO Lucknow, these were supplied to all zonal Railways all over India.
  6. Automobile Industries
    IEICOS has developed custom built products for automobile industries for test and measurement, quality assurance etc. Some of our products include oil pump bush/liner tester for measurement of load/displacement during installation of liner inside the bush. Similar projects for such as spring testing machine, automatic door lock force tester, brake pedal force testers, chassis dynamometers etc have been supplied.
  7. Medical
    IEICOS has been involved in medical, biomedical and biotechnology engineering and research with the addition of ergonomics line of products. IEICOS has developed very sensitive flow meters for precision respiratory air flow measurement. They have worked in the field of dental research for measurement of strain in human jaws during biting and chewing of food to help development of dentures.
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